Company profile

 Quimigen obtains new ISO 13485:2016 certification
The Quimigen Group places the quality of its products and operations at the top of its concerns, as demonstrated by the acquisition of ISO 13485:2016 certification awarded by IMQ.

Quimigen commercialises reagents (antibodies, recombinants, ELISA kits, RNAi, cDNA clones, probes, PCR/qPCR reagents...) to diagnostic and research labs. As very dynamic company, we do our best to be close to our customers' needs in terms of high quality reagents that we propose and in terms of service that we provide (search for a particular antibody, technical support, delivery time, etc.)

Our principal assets for better serving you : adaptability, flexibility, reactivity and naturally the competence of the technical specialists at your service.

Quimigen Guarantee

Garantie Quimigen Buy with confidence, all our products are guaranteed

Quimigen markets quality products for research and in-vitro diagnostics.
However, if a product does not perform as stated on the manufacturer's datasheet, Clinisciences is committed to do its utmost to enable you to achieve results consistent with the product specifications.
For this, our dedicated technical support advisors are at your disposal to help you to find the best solution.


How does it work ?

  • Order the product of your choice
  • Test the product under the conditions indicated by the manufacturer
  • If you encounter problems, please contact our technical support service at



We will then:

  • First, support and optimization to adapt the protocol to your needs
  • Second approach : replace the product with another lot or a similar product
  • If no other solution is possible: a credit note for the value of the product will be issued.


Quimigen S. L. began its activities in 1993, marketing products for diagnostic and biomedical research.

Our aim is to provide our customers with access to the most innovative and best quality products available in the sectors in which we operate.

All our shipments are made under the storage conditions indicated by the manufacturers of the products we market. Likewise, all our shipments are made by express transport service, with less than 24 hours delivery time, in order to provide a quick shipment and ensure the perfect condition of our products.

>br>. Our technical and commercial staff has been properly trained to provide our customers with the information they need at all times, with the necessary attention and dedication.

We aim to improve our work every day and for this reason, we will thank our customers who let us know any deficiency they find in our service, there is nothing that teaches us more than to know our mistakes.

Quality & Policies
The CLINISCIENCES GROUP has extensive experience in providing research and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products and services to its customers in all types of laboratories, whether they are startups, hospitals, public research centers or pharmaceutical companies. The CLINISCIENCES GROUP is committed to providing products and services that meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. For that reason, the company has developed...