You don't need cells to produce proteins !

You don't need cells to produce proteins !

Wheat germ cell-free protein expression system


Reagents and kits for protein expression


Advantages :
  • High Performance wheat germ extracts developed for superior protein yields
  • Dedicated reagents for expression of GST-tagged and His-tagged proteins (G and H versions)
  • Dedicated reagents for protein labeling (WEPRO®8240 Series)
  • Reagent kits are provided for bilayer and dialysis reaction formats (dialysis reactions may provide up to 4x higher protein yields than bilayer reactions)
  • DTT-free reagent kit for working with proteins containing disulfide bonds

Reaction Formats
Bilayer Format: Fast and easy o/n expression
Dialysis Format: maintain translation for up to 3 days

GST and His-tagged proteins
Examples show the expression of DHFR using 6 ml bilayer reactions on CFS fully automated Protemist DTII protein synthesizer.
Precleared wheat germ extracts of the G or H versions allow for higher protein purity after one-step protein purification.

We offer amino acid free versions of our high-performance wheat germ extracts (WEPRO®8240 Series) for protein labeling experiments for use in NMR and protein mass spectrometry.
Example shows human E3 protein (M.W. 45,000) was synthesized with WEPRO2240(15N) Expression kit and was analyzed by HSQC (TROSY) .
(Sample concentration 0.1mM, INOVA 800 MHz Varian Inc.) This data was provided by Dr. Inagaki, Hokkaido University, Japan.