NeoDot : Try our new nano-spectrophotometer

NeoDot : Try our new nano-spectrophotometer

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UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer 

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The NeoDot UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer is a compact spectrophotometer that can measure both cuvette and microvolume samples. It utilizes spectrometer technology to accurately and conveniently measure and analyze single wavelengths as well as spectrums. This standalone system features a 7.0" touch screen LCD and enables easy data backup through USB connectivity.



  • Cuvette and microvolumesample
  • Measurement of single wavelength as well as spectrum analysis using spectrometer technology
  • Simple and miniature design
  • Stand-alone system with easy-to-use 7.0" LCD touch screen
  • Simple data backup using USB
  • Modes: DNA/RNA, protein, cells, end point, kinetic, spectrum

Result Analysis


  • Single wavelength / Spectrum selection
  • End Point / Kinetic mode selection
  • Quantitative measurements for nucleic acid, protein ...
  • Cell concentration
  • Simple data backup and software upgrade via USB Flash drive
  • Easy to confirm the result via graphical presentation


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