​ 40% off on our New range of Micropipettes NeoLine      ​

​ 40% off on our New range of Micropipettes NeoLine       ​

Offer n°2022-NB-winter, valid until 31/12/2022

 40% off our single and multi-channel micropipettes: an effortless pipetting experience

The new  NeoLine micropipette range offers you an effortless pipetting experience with unparalleled consistency in results, powered by a magnet-assisted piston and an ergonomic approach to design.

Discover all the advantages of  NeoLine micropipettes:

Magnet assisted piston Innovative spring and seal design Easy tip ejection Corrosion free tip ejector


  • NeoLine pipettes are available in single and multi-channel versions
  • We also offer a stand to place your pipettes 


To complete the NeoLine range, discover the universal UV rack for a simple and effective decontamination of all your pipettes

The NeoLineUV is a pipette holder that not only organizes and protects six pipettes, but also destroys more than 99% of unwanted contamination. The new NeoLine UV uses a germicidal UV-C lamp. A high efficiency reflector/concentrator allows pipette stems to be fully immersed in 254 nm UV light. This exposure destroys unwanted microbiological contaminants and prevents cross-contamination in your PCR tests and other sensitive procedures. 
              Discover the other  NeoLine products on sale:
Reference Description Cond.
NB-12-6001-1 NeoLine pipette 0.1-2.5 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6001-2 NeoLine pipette 0.5-10 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6001-3 NeoLine pipette 2-20 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6001-5 NeoLine pipette 10-100 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6001-6   NeoLine pipette 20-200 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6001-7 NeoLine pipette 100-1000 µl 1Unit
NB-12-6001-8 NeoLine pipette 500-5000 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6001-9 NeoLine pipette 1000-10000 µl 1Unit
NB-12-6002-4 NeoLine pipette 20 µl 1Unit
NB-12-6002-11 NeoLine pipette 1000 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6003-8-1 NeoLine multichannel pipette 0.5-10 µl 1Unit
NB-12-6003-8-2 NeoLine multichannel pipette 2-20 µl  1Unit
NB-12-6003-8-4 NeoLine multichannel pipette 10-100 µl 1Unit
NB-12-6003-8-5 NeoLine multichannel pipette 20-200 µl 1Unit
NB-12-6003-12-5  NeoLine multichannel pipette 20-200 µl (12 channels)  1Unit
 NB-12-6004 NeoLine pipette stand 1Unit
NB-12-6005 NeoLine pipette controller 1Unit
NB-12-7001  NeoLine UV - Pipette carousel with UV-C Lamp 1Unit