Anti-C-erbB-2 Rabbit monoclonal antibody

Anti-C-erbB-2 Rabbit monoclonal antibody

Antibody specific to Pro1233 - Pro1254 area of human C-erbB-2

This antibody recognizes the epitope between Pro1233 - Pro1254 of C-erbB-2 (also known as HER-2/neu) which is frequently overexpressed in breast cancer.

C-erbB-2 protein expression (3+) in breast ductal carcinoma, stained with DB 094, anti - C-erbB-2 monospecific antibody.
Clone A24-V
Uniprot P04626
Immunogen Peptide derived from C-terminal region of human C-erbB-2. 
Species Human
Application IHC-P, dilution 1:100 - 1:300 or ready to-use
Cellular Localization membrane, cytoplasm
Positive control breast ductal carcinoma tissue

Products Volume Format Cat#
Rabbit Anti-C-erbB-2 (Her-2/neu)
Monoclonal Antibody (clone A24-V)
40 µl Concentrated DB094-0.04
100 µl DB094-0.1
200 µl DB094-0.2
500 µl DB094-0.5
1 ml  DB094-1
1 ml  Prediluted,
7 ml  DB094-RTU-7
15 ml  DB094-RTU-15

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