Quality marking system at a low price
Davidson Marking system - Proven quality for over 30 years

Fast and reliable conjugation
LinKine Labeling Kits Complete solutions for proteins and antibodies labeling with enzymes, fluorescence and featured AbFluor dyes

Washing Whole Blood WITHOUT a Centrifuge?
Cell processing technology enabling superior staining and retention of suspension cells using centrifuge-less washing.

Hydroxyproline & Collagen Assay Kits (PCA free)
The simplest, yet sensitive series of assays in the market !!!!

FlexLISA® Kits
Flexible, quick and easy ELISA development and optimization!

Jellyfish Collagen
Next generation collagen for cell culture and stem cell research

New! Magnetic Conjugation Kit
For generating highly sensitive magnetic conjugates in just 1 hour!

Cell growth determination kit
MTT assay based on mitochondrial activity

Powerful RNA extraction from FFPE samples
RNAstorm Kit

New Library Preparation kits for Illumina®
Choose the best kit for your DNA-Seq

For each amplification, we have a DNA polymerase
We offer a new range of Taq polymerases with different features for different types of samples and different applications.

HRP or AP Polymer Detection Kits
for Mouse, Rabbit, Goat Primary Antibodies on Human Tissue