1st Cellular Aging and Metabolism Symposium

1st Cellular Aging and Metabolism Symposium

18-20 July 2022 - Coruña

Aging is a major risk factor for many human diseases, for example the pandemic disease COVID-19. It is a complex process that progressively compromises most of the biological functions of the organisms, resulting in an increased susceptibility to disease and death.

Cellular metabolism is hallmarks of aging, genetic and pharmacologic alterations of relevant pathways can extend life span and be used to treat age-related diseases like cardiovascular diseases, frailty, fat liver and cancer… 

In this symposium, we will focus on the last discoveries about cell aging and metabolism and the potential to develop new therapies to treat age-related diseases. 

Besides, we will try to understand better how the cellular metabolism impact on cellular health and advance to improve the elderly population quality of life.