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OncoTarget : signature of the exclusive licence - 23.05.2023
  Personalised medicine • Oncology • Next-generation sequencing-NGS • Diagnostic • • Biotechnology • Bioinformatics • Innovation • Technology transfer   

Mini exhibition at the MRC Toxicology UNIT
25th January 2023

Forum LABO Paris 2023
From 28 to 30/03/2023 - Paris expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

PhD Day
Monday 12th June, 2023, Barcelona

November 16-17-18, 2022 - Venice- Italy 

Launch of ONCOG clinical trial
Inclusion of the First Patient in the ONCOG Clinical Study for Personalized Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Using Oncogramme®     09-19-2023    

Research Days (Ina)
Thursday 13, 14 October 2022- Auditorium, Sede Occidente

44th National Congress of the SEBBM Malaga 2022
6-9 September 2022 in Málaga (Spain)

Congress of Young Researchers (V Congreso Jóvenes investigadores)
1-2 December 2022, University of Navarra-Spain  

June 15-17, 2022, Lugo - Spain

PhD Day 2022
10 June 2022, Barcelona- Spain

1st Cellular Aging and Metabolism Symposium
18-20 July 2022 - Coruña

Press release : Oncomedics joins CliniSciences Group
CliniSciences Group, a European distributor of reagents and equipment for scientific research and medical diagnosis, has acquired Oncomedics, a French biotechnology company specialising in the personalisation of cancer treatments.

Press release : New biomarker for diagnosing triple negative breast cancer
Joint efforts between Quimigen, Erganeo and the academic lab headed by Véronique Baud, in the field of research to facilitate the diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer have yielded new findings that make it easier to classify and predict degree of aggressiveness.

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IDIBELL PhD Day 2021
22 October 2021 - Barcelone - Spain

26-29 October 2021 - Madrid - Spain

SEBBM 2019 - 42nd Congress of the Spanish Biochemical and Molecular Biology Society
16-19 July 2019 - Novotel Madrid Center Hotel - Madrid

French Society of Extracellular Matrix Biology (SFBMEc)
From 16 au 17/11/2023 - Strasbourg